Long day, long post!

Here we go, all in one go!

Breakfast – his

(he does put milk in his cereal, by the way! I just snapped it before he did.)

Breakfast – mine

And snack, around 10:30

Then, lunch – his

EXCEPT! This beauty of a lunch got left at home 😦 Ah well, the Nutella sandwich, carrots, apricots and taffy are still good for tomorrow.

Lunch – mine

I had half the nectarine and 10 Kashi crackers at 3.

Had a great spinning class – it was actually only the instructor and me! That’s never happened before. It was nice because we chatted, but then I don’t think I worked as hard.

While I was getting dinner ready, I snacked on about another 10 Kashi crackers. It was the end of the box. For dinner, I was making fruit dumplings. Tortoise’s parents have a big apricot tree in their yard and they had sent us home with lots. Tortoise is half Czech and his dad makes fruit dumplings sometimes, so that’s what he wanted to do with the apricots. It was really like breakfast for dinner two days in a row! The dough had to rise for an hour, so I did the dishes, went to the mall for some errands, came home and then we finished everything. It meant we didn’t sit down until about 8:50! That’s a pretty late dinner, even for us. Here it is:

Dinner – him

He had his with whipped cream, cinnamon and maple syrup.

Dinner – mine

I had two more small dumplings. I had mine with cinnamon and maple syrup.

I wouldn’t call this a particularly filling dinner, so maybe it’s good we ate so late. Sometimes it’s nice to have something other than a meat and veggies dinner, but I think even I am a little sick of breakfast for dinner. But don’t tell Tortoise that… I won’t live it down!

After looking up at the photos, something I know I want to improve on is my photo taking abilities. It’s a little hard trying to snap photos of someone else’s meal, so I try to do it rather quickly. And, at work, I’m a little self-conscious about snapping pics of my oatmeal bowl. But, I guess I will improve with time! Next week, the photos should be great! The beach, the BBQ, lots of great food, ice cream… all that good stuff!

Tomorrow night he is meeting a friend after work, so I’ll finish my errands for the trip (magazines, books, car food), pack and tidy up a little.

Sleep well! (I know I will…)


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