Sleepy head

Wow, I could probably fall asleep right now! The run was a little tough today, I think because of the long run yesterday. But, we powered through and felt good at the end. On the way home, we stopped by a friend’s house to drop something up, then picked up eggs for dinner. Finally, I got breakfast for dinner!

My dinner

His dinner

Picture a popcorn snack to come, too! Sorry about that bad photo above. He whisked it out of the kitchen before I could get a photo!

I’m sorry if my posting seems a little random. I can’t really post from work and since many nights we have “activities” after work, my posting in the evenings will be later than most.

Upcoming tomorrow: taking the transit to work (don’t mind too much), busy day, spinning, transit home, then about 99 errands for vacation (books and magazines, toiletries, birthday gift for my sister…). I’d really like to post more than just food photos, but this week has not been exciting at all! But, next week, there will hopefully be many great beach photos, because that would mean hot and sun – exactly what we want!

Good night to my many readers! 😉


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  1. Hi! Love the title of the blog. It’s looking great so far 🙂

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