Lights out

We have been having lots of power failures in our building over the past few weeks. The lights go out for just a second, then come back on, but it’s annoying because it always messes up the stove clock! Today when I came home, all the lights were off in the parking garage. I’m lucky I backed into our spot ok, though at a really funny angle. I guess the power had just gone off, because when I got upstairs, the stove clock was flashing 12:04. Oh well, I guess it’s good that they only go off for a second. It is sort of bizarre though… just wonder what causes that.

Back all the way to breakfast: I stopped at Starbucks this morning. Shh! Don’t tell the espresso man!! I debated on breakfast and finally gave in to a raisin tea biscuit. It’s my weakness about once or twice a week. 

Now to my snack: I always get hungry right after work. I actually ate this bowl x 2. I will be waiting awhile for dinner, though, since we are running, then have two errands to run. 

We’re having breakfast for dinner (yay!), so it will be either waffles, crepes, pancakes or french toast, and probably an egg of some sort. 

See you for dinner!! 🙂


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